Has a long history of culture, served as part of the Mali and Songhai Empires, 1879 as a Portuguese colony, was founded the 1973 Republic of Guinea-Bissau, in 1984 through the Constitution, determine the sovereign Republic of Guinea-Bissau is democratic and unified.


  • Geography: West African, West near the Atlantic coastline 310 Kilometers, North of Senegal, Gambia, Southeast of neighboring Guinea, the territory of lakes, tropical rivers said.
  • Traffic and transport: Mainly by road and waterway transport.
  • Currency: Guinea-Bissau.
  • Administrative Division: National distinction for 3 Provinces, under the 8 Districts and 36 Counties.
  • Economic profile: Agricultural country, mainly rice, cashew nuts, the forest coverage rate of 60%, Rich in fishery resources. Sails main minerals are aluminum, phosphate, salt, oil-rich coastal.
  • Area : 36100 Square kilometers
  • Population :120 million. ( Portuguese, Syrian, Lebanese, African)
  • Capital : Bissau city, population 30 Million.
  • Language: The official language to Portuguese-speaking some English.
  • Climate: Is the tropical marine climate, the average temperature of the highest 26 c , The maximum temperature 32 c 。


  • The basic requirement document to study at International schools in Taiwan.
  • It is convenient to travel and do business in Africa.
  • It is flexible to arrange domestic and foreign financial accounts.
  • Multiple protection of financial management


  • Easy and fast applying procedure.
  • Low qualification
  • Foreign income tax exemption

How to use

  • required documents to apply foreign or international schools of Taiwan
  • A compatible document to apply Hong Kong and Macao schools
  • Personal financial management and protection
  • No foreign currency control between countries

List of visa-free travel countries of Guinea-Bissau passport

The number of visa-free countries depends on each country ‘s agreement between countries, whether the passport used by countries and regions is a visa-free entry reflect the confidence and interrelations of other countries. Guinea-Bissau passports have free visa travel of Asia, such as Philippines, Singapore and Macao (direct entry visa applying when passport holder arrive in Macao border).




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