Cyprus is one of the best tourist attractions on the Mediterranean, and the world-class vocational paradise in the world. Transparent blue sea and golden beach surrounds the plains and valleys, and the magnificent peak of Olympus mountain presents a unique charm picture of the Mediterranean. The endless of the coastline, the golden sandy beaches, the clear and transparent sea are the charming nature of Cyprus. The Cyprus residents are warm and friendly! The majority of Cyrus citizens believe the Orthodox. Crime rate is low and no criminal offense in Cyprus. The average crime rate in Cyprus is 1/5 of the average crime rate in Europe. One of the safest countries in the world.

Easy Access to the European Union

Cyprus is a member of the European Union. Cyprus passport is the best “World Pass.” Passport holder not only can access EU countries but also can travel 157 countries. For example, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany and other countries (More details, please read the visa free travel list in this bottom of page).

Good Quality of Education and Low Tuition for your children

Cyprus’s education system is similar to Europe and America. Compulsory and free education from primary school to secondary school. Low tuition fee for university education makes a high rate of Cyprus residents complete higher education degrees. It provides two advantages: Firstly,mutual recognition of credits and degrees of Cyprus universities from Britain, the United States and other countries. Secondly, transferring between schools of different countries is not restricted. Comparing to tuition of England, America and other countries, tuition of Cyprus University is very low, and it is almost half amount than in England, American University.

The ideal and comfortable country to live in the world

Being a Cyprus citizen, it can guarantee that you will have a comfortable life. Cyprus, is the top 5 ideal living place of the whole world! High quality of life, ,safe society, abundant leisure and entertainment activities, blue sea and charming beach, all of these factories make you truly feel the value of Cyprus.

Luxury villa in Cyprus

This valuable investment project includes 11 luxury three-bedroom villas, and each area is 46 Ping to 55 Ping + outdoor space is around 242 Ping.

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