Quebec Investment program


“Quebec” means ” the narrow bank of river” in the aboriginal language, it presents the long and narrow shape of St. Laurence River and high cliff in both sides of the river. The early French migrants occupied here, so the city is full of ancient streets and European style houses. It looks like Paris.

Quebec (French: Québec, English: Quebec), Canadian Chinese’s old translation is “the ancient province of the province”. Quebec is a highly autonomous province, and they have abundant natural resources. According to the Canada Bureau of Statistics data in 2011, the population of Quebec is 7,903,001 people. The official language in Quebec is French, and the high proportion of French population in North America is mainly reside here. The capital of Quebec is Quebec City, and the largest city is Montréal.

Quebec is the largest federal autonomous province in Canada, is also the second largest administrative district which is behind to Nunavut. Quebec province is located the West of Ontario, James Bay and Hudson Bay , at the north of the Hudson Strait and Angawa Bay, at the east and the city of San Lorenzo, Newfoundland , Labrador and New Brunswick, at the south of the United States of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York, and with Nuna Ford, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia to share the maritime boundary.

Quebec is the second high population province in Canada, only has less population of Ontario. Most residents live in the neighbor cities along Saint-Laurent River, such as Montreal and Quebec City. Quebec City is also the capital of the province, and majority of British population live in the west of Montréal. Nowadays, Gatineau, the eastern townships and the region of Gasper Peninsula have a large majority of the British population. The aboriginal people live in the region of North Quebec.


  • Geography: Located in eastern Canada, west of Ontario and Hudson Bay, east of the Atlantic provinces, the southern border with the United States (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York), north to the Arctic Ocean.
  • Economy: Aerospace and manufacturing are important in Quebec. The giant of transportation equipment -Bombardier, aerospace equipment provider- Aerospace, Electronic Equipment Group and other companies are from Quebec. The major aerospace organizations, such as the International Air Transport Association and the International Civil Aviation Organization ‘s headquarter are located in Quebec. The financial, media, information technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries are critical industries of Quebec. 3D technology service providers Softimage and Autodesk media and entertainment, the giant of telecommunication – Bell Group, the financial industry- Bank of Montreal are located in Quebec province.
  • Education: Quebec has both French and English schools. In addition to pre-school, primary, secondary and university, Quebec has a Canadian-specific CEGEP system. The University of Quebec is the largest university system in Canada with more than 87,000 students. Located in the province of Quebec City, the University of Laval is the famous French school in the world. The English language university ,McGill University, is the oldest institutions of higher education learning in Canada. It owns the world reputation and is regarded as “Canada’s Harvard.” Mcgill University trained 12 Nobel Prize winners and 3 Canadian Prime Minister. English Universities in Quebec province are Concordia University, Bishop University and French Institute of Montréal University, Sherbrooke University…etc.
  • Culture: The second largest French city. For historical reasons, Quebec has become a blend of cultures. People from all over the world can experience the atmosphere of North America, but present a cultural difference from the North American mainstream. Quebec is described as a crossroads between Europe and the America, where people can experience the charm of the American, French and British cultures at the same time.

Quebec Investment Program

  • Have a net assets of 1.6 million Canadian dollars

    The applicant has accumulated more than $ 1.6 million in personal assets (plus spouses’ assets). Assets include bank deposits, stock bonds, real estate, personal assets in the enterprise, gifts (holding more than 6 months) or inheritance.
  • 2-year full time business management experience in the past 5 years

    2 years management experience including material and financial control right in the past 5 years
  • $800,000 Canadian dollars investment in Canada government for 5 years

    One time payment $220,000 to a designated funded company with no interest and funded company offer a loan to government for 5 years


  • 100% government guarantee. Payments are deposited in the banks which are under the Canadian government supervision.
  • Investment is safe and reliable without risk.The investment deposit required after the interview passes.
  • Direct process to obtain Permanent Resident Card.
  • No need to start a business, no business risk, no language requirement




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