Christopher Columbus found Grenada Island in 1498, the British and French occupied here in turn during 1609 ~ 1779. According to the Treaty of Versailles, Grenada was formally colonized as Britain in 1783 and became a member of the Great Britain Association in 1967 . Grenada declared independently in 1974. East of the Atlantic Ocean, west of the Caribbean Sea, south of Venezuela, north to St. Vincent. There are mountains, plains, many streams, volcanic lake and mineral water in Grenada. Grenada is a member of common wealth nations, a sovereign democracy independent country.The capital in Grenada is St. George’s City, is an important city of the eastern Caribbean, surrounded by ancient castles, and is the Caribbean’s most beautiful harbor city. St. George Harbor is the largest yacht rental center in the East Caribbean, is the political, commercial and transportation center.


  • Area: 344 square kilometers.
  • Capital: St. George’s City (7,500 people).
  • Population: 11 million (Europeans, Asians, Aborigines).
  • Language: English as the official language and French
  • Currency: East Caribbean Dollars (XCD).
  • Economics: Spices, lime, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, cocoa, bananas, oil reserves (waiting for detection and mining) and international tourism.
  • Transportation: By road and ship. St. George Harbor is the base of sea transportation. Airlines are American Airlines, Delta Airways, Air Canada, Scarlett Ford, British Airline, Virgin Airline, Eagle Airline, Venezuelan United Airline, Georgia Reina Leo Airways carriers, Caribbean Airlines.
  • Climate: Tropical maritime climate, the annual average temperature of 26 ℃, the annual rainfall of 1900mm
  • Education: Compulsory education from age of 6 to 14.


Option 1 : National Transition Fund

Grenada government establishes a national transition fund (NTF) to stimulate the country’s economic by contributing investment; through the Grenada Economic Planning (GEIP) to raise funds amounted 200,000 US dollars for Grenada domestic economy Construction. Applicants participate in the transition fund, the investors will receive the government issued Grenada passports.

Option 2 : Aquatic BOT Project Fund

The increasing global demand for high-quality aquatic products from Grenada. Currently, the deficit of US aquatic trade is more than 11 billion US dollars, and the prices of aquatic product in US grew more than 8%. The annual aquatic imports of EU is about 40 billion US dollars. Regarding to high demand of aquatic products, more and more labors and aquaculture development in need in global market. Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Co Ltd manages the project of sustainable fisheries development, which is approved by the government for investment citizenship projects. Applicants need to invest $ 145,000 US dollars for this project. This project target is to create 400 new jobs, and aquaculture will be an important economic resource in Grenada. It will increase the average national income.


01. Fast application : 4-6 months

02. Dual nationality

03. Legal citizenship

04. No obligation to reside in Grenada

05. No entry required

06. No gift tax, foreign income tax, personal income tax

07. Free visa travel over 100 countries, such as United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, mainland China…etc.


The principal applicant can apply for citizenship with family members together.

♦ Spouse

♦ 18 years old unmarried children

♦ 18 ~25 years-old unmarried children , also are full-time students in schools (Proof of attendance and transcripts required

♦ Applicant’s parents or spouse’s parents over 65 year old and economic dependence




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