United Kingdom

The United Kingdom

British from England, internationally known as the United Kingdom, is composed of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In 1892 by the foreign race and the local aborigines established in England, 1066 British history into the Norman conquest of the times, into the feudal society, 1337 British and French broke out between the hundred years of war, 1536 England and Wales merger 1640 outbreak of the bourgeoisie Revolution, the establishment of the monarchy constitutional system, announced in 1649 for the Republic, 1707 merged with Scotland, 1801 and Ireland merger, is also the first to complete the industrial revolution of the country, before the First World War, the British owned overseas colonies all over the world All over Britain, the British self-proclaimed “the days of the Empire” “British Empire”, after the Second World War, the British overseas colonies have independent, “Hong Kong” is the last from the British colonies, 1997, Scotland and Wales were passed The United Kingdom is the world’s first constitutional monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II is the current monarch, the United Kingdom is a developed and democratic countries. Main rivers, Severn River, Thames River.

Basic information of the United Kingdom

  • Geography: east of the North Sea, facing Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, west of Ireland, across the Atlantic and the United States, Canada far relative, north of the Atlantic up to Iceland, south of the English Channel to France, Hills, basins, rivers, lakes.
    Area: 243,600 square kilometers
  • Population: 65 million people, there are England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.
  • Language and religion: English as the main language, the Anglican Church, Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, and others.
  • Capital: London is a political, international financial, economic, cultural, transportation, business center, is the world famous tourist destination. It’s important cities include the capital of Edinburgh, the capital of Wales, the capital of Wales, the capital of Northern Ireland, and the Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool.
  • Administrative division: England is divided into nine regions, Wales is divided into 22 management areas, Scotland is divided into 32 parliaments, Northern Ireland is divided into 26 districts. British Overseas Territories has 14 islands.
  • Currency: GBP (GBP, £) £ 1 = € 1.3
  • Economic profile: is an economic power, the international important trade entities, and international financial center. The service sector is particularly well developed, especially in banking, finance, shipping, insurance and business services. London is the international shipping, financial and service center, with a lot of natural gas, iron, coal, oil, tin, nuclear energy, and water conservancy, the EU’s most energy-rich countries.
  • Transportation: international aviation, shipping is particularly developed, the world’s first subway, London is the most subway city, railway, the road is also developed. Xi En Luo International Airport is the world’s third largest airport, and more than 100 commercial ports.
  • Climate: for the temperate maritime climate. Four quarters of warm and rainy weather, winter about 4 ~ 7C °, summer 18 ~ 25C °

Why choose the UK

  • Welcome immigrants to the country, the British immigration threshold is low
  • The world’s top strong travel passport, the most visa-free country
  • London is the world’s largest financial center and foreign exchange market
  • Education quality, many world famous schools, such as: Oxford University, Cambridge University, London Imperial University of Technology, London School of Economics
  • Stable political and economic environment, property investment and stable growth

British citizenship

The welfare system in the UK is roughly divided into seven categories:

Child and maternity benefits, disability or sickness benefits, retirement benefits, widow benefits, unemployment benefits, low-income welfare and social funds.

  • Double nationality
  • Free education: children from 5 to 16 years old can enjoy free education. The same time as the above- Free medical care: the physician’s medical expenses, hospital medical expenses, prenatal care and production of medical expenses. The same time as the above-
  • Welfare is comprehensive
  • Family Allowance: If you work for at least 16 hours a week and have low income, you will need to take care of at least one child (under 16 years of age, or under the age of 19, full-time students). Allowances are the income of the family and the number of children.
    Do not pay taxes outside the UK




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