EB1-C Multinational Executive or Manager

EB1-C Multinational executives or managers

  • A foreign company in the United States to create a new branch, operating a year later for the company’s president directly to apply for immigration.
  • The company has been operating in the United States has been operating for more than a year of the company as a subsidiary, the business does not have to be associated, constitute a subordinate relationship, foreign company remittance to the United States to buy a holding company operating more than one year US companies, US companies can for the company Of the senior manager directly to the immigration application, after the success of the green card directly to the United States.

Applying for Multinational managers EB-1C:

  • Must be a manager or executive head of a parent company (outside the United States) for at least one year from the date of transfer from the overseas parent company to the US branch/subsidiary / affiliate company; Or above the executive level.
  • Processing period of about 8-12 months.
  • Apply for Eb-1C multinational managers to migrate, requiring the US subsidiary to operate for more than a year.

The beneficiary can be the company’s L-1A visa in the United States, or I have never been to the United States foreign parent company manager.




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