International Schools in Taiwan

There are more than ten international schools in Taiwan, which provide educational opportunities for the foreigners who are coming to Taiwan or who have already lived in Taiwan. The children who live in Taiwan and own foreign passports can apply for the international schools which are located in Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung and Kaohsiung.

Each school offers an education program based on the foreign scheme from kindergarten to high school, but the entry requirement of each school is different. All of the international schools only accept the admission application of the students who own foreign passports! If send the children to study abroad too early, the disadvantage will be that children cannot stay with their parents and get the care, and the parents cannot participate in children’s growth. It may be a very good choice that, the children stay in Taiwan and study in the international schools till junior high school or high school and then they study abroad when they become more independent. First of all, they own the language skills, so they can adapt to the foreign living environment; this advantage is impossible to the children who follow the citizens’ education scheme in Taiwan. In the trend of declining birth rate, the parents will invest more and more in their children’s education continuously. How can they get the most return on investment?


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