Canada is a country in North America, the West is beside the Pacific Ocean, the East arrive the Atlantic Ocean, and the North is adjacent to the Arctic Ocean; the Northeast faces Greenland where is Danish territory, the East is opposite the Saint-Pierre and the Miquelon, and the South and North-West are bordering the United States. Canada’s territory covers an area of 9.98 million square kilometers, whose area is the second in the world. Canada is well known as “The Country of Maple Leaves”, Ottawa is the capital of the country.

Benefits of Canadian citizens

  • Get the Canadian identity which passes the whole world
    Owning a Canadian passport, you can access more than 100 countries over the world without a visa. Canada and the United States are the reciprocal countries. Canadian citizens can work directly in the United States, can enjoy the wages of US citizens should enjoy. They possess the wage level as US citizens. The permanent residents of Canada can get the visa of many countries easily.
  • Create good educational conditions for children
    Canada is one of the countries whose education investment shares the highest proportion of national income, and has the world’s best universities. Canadian permanent residents can enjoy the free compulsory education of12 years. In addition, the education of inspiring international view, free from mandatory military service, a variety of scholarships and stipend, and interest-free loans, etc..
  • The highest-quality life in the world
    The city is the most suitable for human living in the world, because of not only the stable politics in Canada, the perfect welfare, the clean environment, the beautiful scenery, and the rich people, but also the harmonious living environment, the relaxed life rhythm and the leisurely lifestyle.




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